Do Advertising Balloons Really Work Wonders For Outdoor Publicity? |

These days if you don’t blow your own trumpet then you are nowhere. This is why business houses and individuals leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploiting the various advertising mediums. The advertising balloon has caught the fancy of the advertisers who are thinking of flying high with their publicity dreams with it.What is an Advertising BalloonAn advertising balloon is a balloon which has some promotional slogan or graphic, printed across it. You can spot the advertising balloon swaying in the air usually in public spaces like above the fair grounds or in a marketplace, where it would have the greatest visibility.Why Advertising BalloonAn advertising balloon in essence will provide all the benefits that can be derived from any traditional form of advertising medium. That is, a strategically placed advertising balloon with the catchiest and the most persuasive slogan will never fail to grab public attention. This will in turn lead to brand recognition, media attention and consequently the sales increasing. A celebrity endorsement with the right kind of words in the newspaper or in the electronic media will also garner the same kind of gains.On the flip side of it, like its counterparts in the print, TV, Internet and the like, the advertising balloon too cannot sell a bad product in the long run.Then why go in for the advertising balloon at all?Because, it has been researched and proven that advertising balloons command a mammoth 70% recall factor. That means that it is highly unlikely that people are going to forget your interestingly beer bottle or Harley Davidson-shaped balloon in a hurry, even after the first sighting. This is more than you can say about a TV commercial, with its notoriously fickle attention span.The advertising balloon is a stunner of sorts, in fact, not the kind of blink-and-you-miss kind of print and TV ads that dot the advertising domain these days. It is hard for you not to notice a huge balloon rocking high up in the skies and exclaim, “Is it a bird? Is it an aeroplane? No it’s an advertising balloon.” This high visibility means that the advertising balloon is one of the most popular modes of outdoors advertising.Adverting balloon, which is actually a floating billboard, can be easily transported to the requisite places.The advertising balloon projects a kind of happy and healthy image. And contrary to the popular myth that all things healthy are essentially uninteresting, advertising balloons, with their varied shapes, usually styled after the looks of the product they are featuring, make quite a visual impact. In fact, a brightly colored advertising balloon resembling a giant Mickey Mouse or an ice-cream cone has the same effect as J.Lo or Brad Pitt staring at you from the billboards.The advertising balloon commands a soaring popularity when it comes to the outdoors advertising media options, and for all the right reasons too.