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Commercial promotion of services, ideas, companies and goods is known as advertising, which plays a very prominent role in business. Advertising is carried out through various media.“Word of mouth” used to be the common form of advertising in ancient times. During the fifteenth and sixteenth century, when the printing industry was properly developed, handbills were included as a medium of advertising. In England, during the seventeenth century, newspapers started carrying advertisement for products.The medicines for diseased Europe and the increasing numbers of affordable books were the two products extensively advertised during this period. The content regulation for advertisements came into vogue due the problem of “quacks” using the new marketing method. For more info visit []During the nineteenth century, classified advertisements become very popular in the United States. They filled the pages of newspapers promoting various goods. The success of this method lead into another form of advertisement known as catalogues. The first advertisement agency was established in Philadelphia during 1843.Tempting the consumers with advertisements, which carried their messages with shine using modern and scientific approach, came into effect in 1960s.
The advent of cable television and MTV in the 1980s and 90s, saw the introduction of music videos to promote goods using consumer tunes. Subsequent developments lead to exclusive channels such as Home shopping network and Shop TV exclusively for advertisements.The “dot com” in 1990s saw another new channel for advertisement in the form of Internet. This was further fine tuned by search engines such as Google, which revolutinised the business by using unobtrusive advertisements, which are relevant to the context of the text displayed in the screen.
To highlight and promote non-commercial issues such as energy conservation, AIDs, ideology, religion and deforestation are carried out through public service advertising.Media for commercial advertisements include billboards, wall paintings, flyers, television, film and radio advertisements, skywriting, popups and banners in web pages, newspapers, and bus stop bunches.Placing a product in television serials, films and sports arenas are known as covert advertisements.The TV networks charge a very high rate for commercial prime time advertisement since it is considered as one of the most effective formats of advertisement for mass-marketing products.Another recent phenomenon is advertisements sent through emails. Spam is a new word coined for unsolicited bulk email advertising. How effective this form of advertisement is left to every email users guess because most of these emails are detected by the service providers as junk and stored separately.
With different claims made in different contexts, the impact of advertising is a subject for debate.